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MESHUBACH Food Industries is glad to present a few recommendations sent by some of our happy customers


Moshe – Moria's Father


About two months ago, my 18-month-old daughter Moriah was diagnosed with celiac. For us, the news was devastating. This is a little girl, who doesn't like to eat just anything. We tried giving her various snacks and foods, but Moriah did not like any of them. Finally, we found your "Chapli" snack, which comes in various flavors, and is especially crispy and good-tasting. Thank G-d our daughter really, really likes it (the other kids always grab some too...)

In addition, we discovered another amazing product – your soup nuts. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between them and regular soup nuts. Moriah loves to eat them in her chicken soup, and that way she doesn't feel different from the others.

As you probably know – when it comes to a child with gluten intolerance, once you find some food s/he actually likes and is allowed to

have – it's a huge milestone and a truly happy occasion for us.
Thank you...



 One day the sky is falling on you, when you realize you can't touch gluten anymore. Actually, not "one day". There are almost always precursors. Children have their own, but by adults when it happens "all of a sudden", it's much more surprising. You are used to be free to eat everything and suddenly – you are limited. Sometimes it feels like you are VERY limited. OK, if you reached Meshubach you know what I'm talking about. In my case, it means I stopped making pasta because what, I'll prepare myself one kind of food while the whole family is eating another one? So on holidays I would cook pies but couldn't touch them, and when sometimes I couldn't stand it and ate, and sure enough, the bellyaches came.

And then I discovered Meshubach, and ever since then our dinners just like our Shabbos and holidays were re-upgraded. First the noodles. The pleasure of eating "Yerushalmi Kugel" which I avoided for years, is again a part of the everyday life. Then there is the pasta, which the children like very much – they didn't notice the difference and enjoyed it a lot. I DID notice the change – after eating a regular pasta you feel "heavy", but after eating "Meshubach" you feel very light.

The Meshubach croutons deserve a story of their own. Croutons are simply what they meant to be – something you put in the soup. But who doesn't know the other use, of eating them as a snack with no connection to the soup? When you buy Meshubach croutons, you should buy twice as the usual amount, because they are soooo yummy, that the substitute is superior to the original, and being eaten as a snack so many times – that you must have extra stock – because everybody loves them!

THANK YOU Meshubach for changing my and my family's lives!