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The MESHUBACH Food Industries – Gluten-Free Department specializes in the production of gluten-free and kosher-for-Passover products such as noodles, pastas, soup nuts, couscous, snacks, breakfast cereals and more. The company plant was established in 1989 as a factory for the manufacture of pastas and soup nuts. In 2005, in response to market demand, a special gluten-free production line was launched. After a prolonged development process, during which the products were received with great enthusiasm in the American market, this area took the lion's share of the company's activity.

The products manufactured by MESHUBACH Food Industries – Gluten-Free Department are marketed in Israel and abroad to food chains and health food stores, to the public and private markets. The products are based on starch and potato flakes, and all carry a top-quality Kashrut certification and are kosher for Passover. Our company continuously strives to develop new, varied products for the good of our customers and the celiac community throughout the world.

The MESHUBACH Food Industries – Gluten-Free Department Plant manufactures for the MESHUBACH brand as well as private brands for leading companies in Israel and abroad, in accordance with clients' specifications. The plant in Jerusalem is spread over 1600 square meters and boasts state-of-the-art production lines based on the latest in technology. The company carries the international symbol of quality: the ISO-9001 stamp, and is currently in the process of acquiring the HACCP and GMP certifications.

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