MESHUBACH Food Industries – Gluten- Free Department maintains a close and warm relationship with all its customers, aiming to fll their needs and wishes, and to create the ideal menu for each customer. Our company is constantly working on developing new products which boast both high nutrition values as well as uncompromising, great taste. The company's products offer refreshing news for the celiac community, in that they are innovative, varied, and of the best quality. Our products offer the perfect solution for our kosher-keeping customers all .year round, including Passover

The products created by MESHUBACH Food Industries – Gluten-Free Department are marketed to both the public and private markets, as well as to large chains and food/health food stores around the world. The company manufactures products under the MESHUBACH brand as well as other, private brands, for leading companies in Israel and abroad, according .to the client's specifcations

The products are based on starch and potato fakes, .and carry a top-quality Kashrut symbol

The factory and manufacturing plant are equipped with the latest in modern technology. The company carries .the international ISO quality stamp